Re-using Builders Waste

With landfill sites filling up, it has become clear that even the smallest efforts that to make use of old building waste can make notable changes. During construction, waste materials such as plastic and cardboard ca be recycled and put better use.

Some of the material can cause negative effects to your health and the environment. If you own or manage a construction company you will have to stick to the strict waste laws that are set here in the UK.

  • Recycle or reuse materials. Recycling doesn’t just work for household or office waste; construction rubbish can also be recycled. One of the best strategies is to sort and integrate most of the remaining waste into a new building.  You can even naturally blend in the waste back into remodeling projects like the extra wood can make great items for blocking any spaces.
  • Use the services of your local rubbish clearance company. Construction cost is very bulky and tends to be in large piles which often makes the clearing process expensive. However, if you opt for a local company, you will not only save on transporting cost but also time. Ensure you communicate clearly with the company so as to find out which services they offer and what price. You can even collaborate with a recycling center to come and take the waste every time you finish building.
  • By searching on the internet or asking your fellow builders, you can get places that buy reusable materials. When sold, the sheer volume of building material left unused can result in a reduction of the demand and utilisation of resources.
  • A significant portion of building waste comes from bricks and blocks damaged during transportation and building process. Instead of buying new materials why not opt for reclaimed construction items for use in making pavements and even walls. Recycle these bricks by using them as plant substrate or reclaim them to be used for producing a new block. Blocks can also be used in general fill or landscaping.
  • You cannot recycle like old electrical goods. You can not put electronics in with your normal rubbish or recycling and will need specialist disposal. As with all waste, if you have a lot of it you are best advised to find a reputable local company to come and take it away and dispose of it for you.

Here are a couple us useful reference points to below to get a good idea of exactly what to look for.